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Surgical Services in Carson Valley

We Champion Your Health

When your doctor recommends surgery, the surgeons at Carson Valley Health are here to help. Board-certified surgeons work with experienced, licensed personnel to perform advanced surgical procedures with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our team performs a variety of operations and we are always focused on patient comfort and safety, as we understand how surgery can be physically and emotionally demanding for patients, no matter what the chosen procedure is intended to treat.

Dedicated Care Before, During & After Surgery

Surgery is a process. In addition to the operation itself, there is extensive preparation your doctor and surgical team takes. This ensures your surgery goes well and the outcome is as predictable as possible, while keeping your comfort and safety in the forefront. While you may be overwhelmed at what to expect, our staff can walk you through the process so you’re informed and prepared for everything that goes hand in hand with surgery.

Before you undergo surgery, you will likely need laboratory or medical imaging services, like X-rays. Our lab and medical imaging services help your doctor reach a diagnosis and treatment plan before writing a referral for surgery. Your doctor will communicate with your surgical team about your diagnosis, the results of imaging and laboratory tests before you even arrive for your surgical consultation. No matter the type of surgery you need, you can expect us to review your options with you and explain what your surgery entails and how long recovery will take.

After your surgery is complete, you will remain in the hospital recovery room until you are fully awake and can walk without assistance. We will frequently check your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing during this time, and once you are able to, your family or friends will be able to visit you until you are prepared to leave the hospital. In the event you need to stay at the hospital for further observation or treatment, your doctor will make the necessary arrangements.

Once you are discharged, specific instructions will be sent home with you. It is important to follow these instructions. You must follow these post-discharge, home care instructions for a smooth recovery. A Surgery Department nurse will call you to check your progress the day following your procedure to check on your progress during this time.

Da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery

Now Available at CVH

Robotic-assisted surgery offers potential for lower risk of complications and shorter hospital stays.

The da Vinci surgical system further advances the technology used in minimally invasive surgery. By enabling efficient access throughout the abdomen or chest, the surgeon is 100% in control of the robotic-assisted da Vinci System, which translates their hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. Robotic-assisted surgery is used in specialty areas including gynecology, urology, thoracic and general surgery.

For more information about robotic-assisted surgery visit the Robotic Assisted Surgery page.

Surgical Expertise You Can Trust

Surgery is not something you have to go through alone. You can trust our team to be a reliable partner through the process, so everything goes as smoothly as possible. We look forward to helping you.

To learn more about the CVH surgical services department please call 775.782.1595.

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