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Primary Care

Accepting New Patients at All 5 Clinics

We offer primary care services from our providers that can care for patients of all ages. These are the physicians that patients see for yearly checkups or consult with their everyday health-related questions. If you have an injury, ailment, or illness that would be better treated by a specialist doctor (such as a cardiologist, psychiatrist, or orthopedic physician), your primary care provider can give you a referral to them.

Carson Valley Health offers patient-focused services that help patients manage any pain, stress, illness or disease. Seeing a doctor such as a primary care physician regularly can help you keep your immunizations up-to-date to avoid a potentially preventable illness such as the flu or shingles. Regular appointments also provide opportunities for health screenings to catch any problems early when they might be easier (and less expensive) to treat.

Call 775.782.1550 to contact us about our primary care services. Same-day appointments are available on a limited basis Find a primary care provider here.

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