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Aquatic Therapy Services

The Rehabilitation and Outpatient Therapy Center at Carson Valley Health is committed to providing the best aquatic therapy services. Our experienced aquatic staff will provide personalized treatment to meet each individual’s own goals. Aquatic Rehabilitation is performed by a licensed Occupational/Physical Therapist, who is experienced in aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy requires a prescription from a physician to initiate treatment and facilitate health insurance coverage. Personalized treatment planning is based on the initial evaluation and timely physician communication is made to report patient progress.

Carson Valley Health utilizes the Carson Valley Swim Center, located in Minden. The warm therapeutic pool water is heated to 90-93F and the depth of water 2.5 to 5 feet. The main pool water temperature is 81F and the water depth is 4 to 13 foot depth.

Benefits of Water

Water provides an excellent medium to conduct rehabilitation. The unique properties of buoyancy, support and accommodating resistance enhance therapeutic exercise and create a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation. The buoyancy of water decreases weight bearing on the joints and spine, making the pool the ideal method of rehabilitating degenerative, pain and post-surgical conditions. Aquatic exercises may include range of motion exercises, core stabilization exercises, manual strengthening exercises, and progressive resisted exercises with buoyancy equipment.

The immediate benefits of aquatic exercises are increased range of motion, circulation, and muscle relaxation, decreased swelling, pain, muscle spasm and spasticity. The long term benefits are improved sleep, digestion and healing. Aquatic therapy is also beneficial in reducing anxiety. Warm water prompts relaxation and facilitates stretching.

Safety Concerns and Goal

Our program is under direct supervision of an Occupational Therapist who is certified in Aquatic Therapy. The Carson Valley Swim Center is in compliance with all state codes regarding water safety and testing.

Our goal is to educate and train our patients to become independent in an aquatic exercise program for ongoing therapeutic benefits.

Our experienced occupational therapists are ready to meet your rehabilitation needs. The hours for our Rehabilitative Services Department are Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Contact us at 775.782.1519 for further information about occupational therapy in Gardnerville.

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