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Cancer Care in Carson Valley

We Care for You

It’s never easy when you learn that you or a loved one has cancer, and traveling for treatment can add stress to what is already a challenging journey. At Carson Valley Health, we can care for you right here in your community.

Experienced cancer doctors

Coming to Carson Valley Health means getting the right cancer treatment close to home from skilled professionals who care about you. Our oncology providers have been treating cancer for many years. They work closely with each other and with your other providers to give you exceptional care.

Our team includes:

● Board-certified hematology-oncology doctors who treat many types of cancer and blood-related diseases.

● A highly trained advanced practice provider who specializes in oncology.

● Skilled oncology nurses who treat our patients like family.

We treat you as a whole person, never as a cancer diagnosis

Our providers are known for their compassion and the personal attention they give their patients. And our holistic approach means we treat the whole person, not just their cancer. From suggesting healthy foods to eat during treatment to offering you a mental health expert to talk to about your cancer-related stress, we will prioritize your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Personalized cancer treatments

No two cancer journeys are alike. That’s why we personalize your treatment plan based on your cancer type and other factors. Our main goal in cancer treatment is to stop the disease from spreading by removing tumors and using medication to destroy lingering cancer cells.

Treatments and services we offer in Carson Valley include:

Chemotherapy. Experts administer powerful cancer-fighting medications in our infusion center, located right next to CVH Cancer Care. We can take orders from any Nevada physician. This means that even if you receive part of your cancer care at another cancer hospital, we can provide your chemotherapy right here in Gardnerville.

Surgery. Our skillful general surgeons can often remove tumors before chemotherapy begins.

Treatment for cancer symptoms and side effects. We believe that ensuring your comfort is as important as treating your cancer.

Care coordination. Should you need services and treatments in addition to those provided at Carson Valley Health, your CVH cancer care team will ensure a smooth transition to receiving the care.

Cancer support groups and other resources

Carson Valley Health offers a breast cancer support group and a support group for men with cancer. These patient-led groups meet regularly to support each other and share experiences and information for coping with cancer. If you need another kind of support group, let us know and we’ll try to help you find one in our area.

Find a cancer support group

Connecting you to resources you may need is another way we support you during your cancer journey. Whether you need a ride to your appointments or an appointment with our patient financial advocate, we are here to help you in any way we can.

Oncology services in Yerington

Once a month, CVH Cancer Care provides new and follow-up appointments for our patients who live in the Yerington area. An advanced practice oncology provider from our clinic will see you at South Lyon Medical Center.

Stay in your community for cancer care

If you would like to receive your cancer treatment at CVH Cancer Care, ask your doctor for a referral.

CVH Cancer Care is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. We are accepting new Cancer Care patients and can take orders from any Nevada physician. Please call the CVH Cancer Care at 775.783.3041 for help.

To contact CVH Cancer Care, please call 775.783.3041 today.

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