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Experienced PA Ready to Provide Excellent Senior Care

Experienced PA Ready to Provide Excellent Senior Care

There’s a new face at Carson Valley Health Senior Care who is excited to be part of the team and meet new patients. Keith Lemay, Physician Assistant – Certified (PA-C) has recently come on board, specializing in family practice.

When asked why he chose Carson Valley Health, Keith stated “The work atmosphere and culture is not something you find everywhere. The people here are really committed to the health of the community.”

Keith is an experienced PA, having obtained his Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistant Studies from Midwestern University in 2011. “Being a PA is a fantastic, rewarding career,” says Keith. “You’re constantly growing as a PA as medicine is ever-changing.” Keith says he most enjoys the interactions with patients which make up a significant part of his work. Seeing a PA can be highly beneficial for patients. “You get all of your healthcare screening done. There may be something wrong that you didn’t know about,” he says.

Keith comes to Carson Valley Health following a locum position in orthopedic sports medicine at Barton in South Lake Tahoe. Prior to that, he spent four years at Seattle Children’s Hospital. His background in internal medicine saw him diagnosing a wide variety of conditions. This experience has set him up well as a seasoned provider who will go the extra-mile to get a correct diagnosis.

“The culture of Carson Valley Health is what I love most about this organization,” he says. “All the people here are really interested in helping out and improving the health of the local community,” says Keith. “Everyone I’ve met has worked here for quite a while and they’re really happy here,” he says.

Keith’s favorite part of senior care is that it’s a unique stage of life. “You get to work with patients on their individual goals and help them to maximize their lives,” he says. “For example, you might work on reducing the amount of medication that they’re on.”

Keith is looking forward to working with the team at Carson Valley Health. “I feel very honored to have the support of very talented physicians in this community to make sure that our patients get the best care possible,” he says.

Outside of work, Keith’s go-to hobby is running. He was on the team at Western Washington University where he achieved All-American Honors in the 800-meter dash. He enjoys hiking and mountain climbing and has summited all five volcanoes in Washington. He has a German short-haired pointer named Cali and has been married to his wife Holly for four years. She is also in the medical profession, working in Tahoe.

“The thing I really love about the Carson Valley area is the people,” Keith says. “Everyone is very easy-going,” he says. “I also really love being near all the trails and skiing - it’s a great environment to live in.”

Keith is accepting new patients 65 and over at Senior Care, call 775.783.4823 for more information.