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New Imaging Equipment Reduces Patients Wait Times at Carson Valley Health

New Imaging Equipment Reduces Patients Wait Times at Carson Valley Health

Carson Valley Health (CVH) is excited to announce their recent and ongoing efforts to update their imaging equipment.

Since 2019, CVH has been steadily replacing older imaging equipment including two operating room “C-Arm” machines, one portable X-ray, one CT machine, as well as ultrasound and mammography systems.

“Our Imaging Department is in a very fortunate position”, said Medical Imaging Manager, Patty Smith. “Because our new equipment is more advanced, we’ll be able to take less time performing the procedures, which means less wait times for our patients and more patients seen each day. The new equipment will also create a higher quality image, allowing care providers to make more informed decisions.”

Since January, CVH has updated another ultrasound system, two echocardiogram systems, as well as an interventional radiology room.

“This is huge not only for CVH, but for our community as a whole,” said Smith. “We want to make sure our patients can stay in Carson Valley for their care and are committed to that end.”

Portable imaging equipment has also been updated, allowing first responders to bring potentially life-saving equipment to the patient instead of needing to move the patient. In addition to their recent imaging equipment updates, CVH is finalizing the purchase of more major pieces of equipment including new MRI, Spect/CT and X-ray.

CVH’s Imaging Department is at the center of the hospital's expansion plans and will border the emergency and operating rooms as well as the patient floor for faster access. When the new hospital opens in July 2024, all imaging equipment will be new, state-of-the-art technology, with no equipment older than five years.