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Carson Valley Health Welcomes Shalini Malasingam, Licensed Therapist to Behavioral Health Services

Carson Valley Health Welcomes Shalini Malasingam, Licensed Therapist to Behavioral Health Services

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. – Carson Valley Health is thrilled to welcome Shalini Malasingam, LMFT, to the Outpatient Behavioral Health Services team. Before joining CVH in February of 2023, Shalini built her repertoire as a therapist working with Tahoe Youth and Family Services as their Clinical Director. In that administrative role she missed her passion - working with and helping clients in a clinical setting. Prior to moving to northern Nevada, her work in Los Angeles took her out into the community where she worked with clients in their homes and at schools. She loves the community based approach to psychology.

Shalini is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with children, teens, adults, families and couples. Patients can self-refer, and all major insurance is accepted. Patients without insurance may apply for financial assistance through Carson Valley Health’s Community Care program at

Potential patients can be seen quickly with 90-minute assessments available by appointment. Call 775.782.1630 to make an appointment.

Shalini said, “The mind and body need to talk. When the mind is triggered the body will react. It’s important to pay attention to the emotions that come up, and work through them. Think of them as your Spidey-senses.”

Shalini recently kicked off a support group for children of parents who are experiencing divorce or separation. The 12-week support group helps young people navigate the complex feelings associated with their parents’ divorce or separation while sharing, playing, and learning new strategies with other youth that are going through a similar experience.

“Therapy is a safe environment where you can be yourself,” said Shalini. “If a child can’t find the words to express how they feel, there are other tools. Often, I like to use expressive art when it comes to communicating some of those difficult emotions. Instead of just talking about it, we recreate scenes and play it out.”

“Emotions are so difficult to manage,” said Shalini. “Even as adults we have grown up suppressing a lot of emotions. Being able to teach a child to learn to accept and manage all your emotions is so crucial in navigating these trying times and building emotional intelligence.”