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Grow Professionally While Serving Your Community

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Grow Professionally While Serving Your Community

Sarah Montgomery began her career in 2019 at CVH’s main hospital campus preparing patient meals as a dietary aid. In November of 2020 before she transitioned into the role of registered dietitian upon earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

A student of Brigham Young and Abilene Christian universities, Sarah was able to continue working part-time as a dietary aid and enjoyed having a flexible schedule that accommodated her online classes.

“Working and going to school at the same time was certainly a challenge,” said Sarah. “I spent my time either working, completing volunteer hours, or doing homework. It was a very busy time in my life, but it certainly paid off as I now have my dream job.”

Sarah went into the field of nutrition and dietetics after being inspired by the passion and success of one of her undergraduate professors.

“My Nutrition 100 professor worked with policy and community nutrition,” said Sarah. “Throughout the course, she shared her work experiences and successes she had with encouraging nutrition policy changes in Utah and working with various community organizations to improve access to adequate nutrition and prevent food insecurity.”

Sarah is currently working on her certification for the Certified Diabetes Care Education Specialist (CDCES) exam and will be able to work with diabetes patients in an outpatient setting.

“Working in the hospital helps keep my knowledge fresh and lets me stay up-to-date with new developments”, Sarah said. “I also teach a monthly diabetes class at the Douglas County Community Center where I work with people to improve their blood sugar through nutrition principles and providing recipe inspiration. Working with the community allows me to help individuals with needs that are not requiring hospitalization, and I hope that this preventative approach can help keep our community members out of the hospital.”

If you are battling with a chronic health condition or have concerns about your health, Carson Valley Health offers outpatient nutritional counseling for one-on-one dietary guidance from a Registered Dietitian. Don't wait to start your path to better health, schedule a consultation today by calling (775) 783-3084.