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Memory Of Longtime CVH Patient Carried On In Donated Photographs

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group photoWhen Carlos Iribarren -- a longtime Carson Valley resident and former co-owner of the Carson Valley Country Club -- passed away at the age of 71 last spring, his family made a special request of friends and loved ones.

Instead of flowers, the family asked that memorial donations be made to the Infusion Center at Carson Valley Health, where Carlos had been a longtime patient.

The family expressed thanks to the entire staff of the Infusion Center in Iribarren’s published obituary, noting the care of registered nurse Lori Salvador in particular.

Man holding a drinkIn utilizing the donations, Infusion Center staff wanted to do something that specifically evoked Iribarren’s memory.

“He loved nature, anything to do with the outdoors, and we loved him,” said Infusion Center manager Rhonda Uhart. “We wanted to have pictures here dedicated in his honor and we wanted them to come from a local photographer.”

Staff contacted local wildlife photographer J.T. Humphrey and purchased five large pieces of art to hang on the Infusion Center walls. Framing was done at cost by Marv’s Custom Framing in Gardnerville.

Staff said they selected pictures they felt would highlight some of the things Carlos loved most. Subjects ranged from Eagles and wild horses to vibrant wildflowers and the area’s brilliant autumn colors.

Iribarren’s widow, Isabel, returned to the center Nov. 28 to speak with the center’s nurses and see the finished product, which included a plaque dedicating the display to Carlos. Humphrey was on hand as well to meet Isabel.

One shot in particular, of wild horses “Jake” and “Wilma” nuzzling each other, caught Isabel’s attention.

Nurses said they’d selected it specifically because it reminded them of Carlos and Isabel.

“They were inseparable,” said Salvador.

As it turned out, the shot was also one of Humphrey’s all-time favorites.

“Just the clarity of the shot, the emotion shown, you could see the feeling between them,” Humphrey said. Humphrey went on to describe how Jake would often defend Wilma from unwelcome suitors.

Iribarren was born in Spain and moved to California to become a shepherd at the age of 18. 

horse image

He later moved to Carson Valley and partnered with Jesus Rey in running the Carson Valley Country Club in Gardnerville for 30 years.

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