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CVH Emergency Room Receives Toy Donation From Local Youth

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girl with a box of toysGARDNERVILLE, Nev. (May 22, 2014) – Eight year old Kayla McGhee of Gardnerville says she knows most kids would have a hard time giving away brand new toys that they had received for their birthday. Yet for her, it was no big deal.

Kayla celebrated her eighth birthday this May, and decided to donate many of the new toys she received to young Emergency Room patients. In fact, she not only donated a box of toys, books, and craft items to the CVH Emergency Room in Gardnerville, but she also sent a donation to Renown Hospital in Reno.

“We had nothing to do with her decision to do this,” says Brian McGhee, Kayla’s father. “She came up with it all on her own.” We asked Kayla what inspired her to make this donation. “I know that sometimes parents have the money that they need to spend on the hospital visit, but toys to make their kids comfortable in the Emergency Room are extra. So I just wanted to donate mine, to make the kids happy while they are there, and even when they go home.” Her blue eyes sparkled and she added, “I thought it would be cool.” For kids visiting the CVH Emergency Room, yes, it will be very “cool.”

The staff on shift during Kayla’s donation drop-off thought it was pretty cool, as well. “Kayla is a little Angel” says Kerry Childers, Emergency Room Nurse. Needless to say, Kayla added much laughter, smiles and hugs to the ER atmosphere this week.