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Travel Tips for a Safe, Healthy and Stress-Free Holiday

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woman hanging out of a carBetween unexpected delays, poor driving conditions, and weakened immune systems, holiday travel can take it's toll. Put the joy back in your excursions with these quick tips:

1.  Talk to your doctor about how you can stay healthy, and if there are any precautions you should take if you have medical issues.

2. Know your travel destination. Check the Center for Disease Control's travel site for information on any region-specific health or safety concerns you should know about.

3. Steer clear of influenza. Before you leave, get the flu shot or nasal spray vaccine. Most germs can spread by contact, so avoid people who are ill and wash your hands thoroughly and often.

4. Pack your first aid kitInclude your regular and preventative medications, and plenty of water. Also fever and pain relief, medication for upset stomach, motion sickness, and allergy medication.

5. Know your insurance coverage. This includes your health insurance, auto insurance, etc. Also, bring copies of all insurance coverage and back it up with a snapshot on your cell phone in case you lose any paperwork!

6. Contact information for emergencies. It can help to have the following contacts readily available: family physician, insurance company, and an emergency contact who is not traveling with you.

7. Pack as light as possible. More airlines are getting stricter about baggage limits, and long hours in a packed car can add to stress levels. Remember, you may be returning with more than you started with!

8. Leave at least an hour earlier. Giving yourself more time than usual can help take the stress away from unforeseen delays and circumstances. Better yet, it will allow for more time to stretch your legs along the way, get fresh air, and enjoy the scenery.

9. Have your car examined before you leave. The last thing you want to worry about is being stranded in an unfamiliar area. Take your vehicle in for a tune-up before you leave, and make sure your tires are winter-ready and properly inflated. You may also want to keep a roadside emergency kit in the car to include with flashlights, flashers, and jumper cables.

10. Don't forget your chargers. Did we once survive the world without cell phones? Yes. Do you want to be stranded along the way with no ability to let others know? Of course not. 

Whether you are traveling for the holidays or staying local, we wish you a very safe, healthy and joyous season.