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Mark Brune, MD

About Mark

As a primary care doctor and Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Brune looks for more than chronic diseases, he looks at the body as a whole and knows the specialists to refer patients to. 

“Especially as we get older, a primary care doctor is very important,” he said. “A lot of people may not realize what’s going on with their body until they get professional advice.”

Patient Reviews

“Dr. Brune is an excellent care provider who always tried to treat the issues at hand effectively.” 

“I like Dr. Brune’s attitude about me partnering in a good and healthy lifestyle.”  

“Friendly and helpful!” 

Learn more about Dr. Brune, CVH Welcomes Dr. Brune to Ironwood Primary Care (

Affiliations Ironwood Primary Care
  • Medical School
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine Degree: MD
  • College
  • University of California, Davis Degree: BA