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Pelvic Floor Mentor

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  • Event Type:Community Event

Women of all ages are invited to join a free four-week course covering the basics of pelvic health, with a special focus on anatomy and its role on the bladder and bowel systems. The course also includes an evening dedicated to women who are pregnant or postpartum, preparing them for pregnancy, delivery, and life after baby arrives.

Your Pelvic Floor Mentor is hosted by Doctor of Physical Therapy Jillian Cachinero. Each class consists of a 1-hour presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and class-lead discussion.

Classes can be taken in sequence or separate depending on topics of interest.

Whether you are experiencing a pelvic health dysfunction or are curious about physical therapy’s role in your health journey, this course is for you.

There is no charge for this class and attendees do not need a provider referral.

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June 4 Pregnancy & Postpartum | June 11 Body Basics | June 18 Bladder Basics | June 25 Bowel Basics

Week 1: Pregnancy & Postpartum

  1. Anatomical changes & exercise in pregnancy
  2. Techniques for aches, pains, and birth prep
  3. Rehabilitation guidelines for healing after baby

Week 2: Body Basics

  1. Anatomy of the pelvic floor
  2. Actions of pelvic floor
  3. Common dysfunctions
  4. The Kegel

Week 3: Bladder Basics

  1. Bladder diary break down comparing to norms
  2. Discussion on how to improve leakage
  3. Battling urgency techniques
  4. Home Exercises

Week 4: Bowel Basics

  1. Bowel diary breakdown comparing to norms
  2. Toileting techniques
  3. Home Exercises

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  • Price: Free